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Homeowners around the world yearn to embellish their living space. Beautiful staircases are the central focal point of many distinctive homes. Our artisans can create staircases suited to your individuality that will become the soul of your home. 

We offer a wide variety of superior quality materials such as wrought iron, wood, brass, stainless steel, and glass to choose from. From a modest staircase to a home centerpiece, Spanish Ornamental will help reveal the true style of your home. We undertake every aspect of the work from steps and risers to banisters and handrails. Our craftsmen painstakingly measure, mould, shape, lacquer, polish and install every component. The attention we give every detail illustrates our commitment to perfection.


Spanish Ornamental can design staircases as unique as your home.


All our steps can be fabricated in various thickness varying from 1 1/16 standard up to 1 3/4 solid wood.


Here are just a few examples of wood types:


  • Maple   • Cherry   • Birch   • Mahogany   • Oak   Walnut    Ash   • Jatoba


Allow us to make your staircase dreams become reality.


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