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Spanish Ornamental Ltd. is a family-run business that has been fulfilling the wishes of decorators, designers, architects and classic beauty connoisseurs for now over 40 years. In 1966, a master craftsman set up his artistic blacksmith workshop in Montreal and started to create railings, fences, gates, grills, and wrought iron home accessories such as tables, candleholders and the like.


Today, Spanish Ornamental consists of a highly qualified team of professionals, whose goal is to make our clients' ornamental dreams come true. Those who like elegant staircase railings and magnificent ornamental wrought iron work will be delighted to discover that the noble profession of artistic blacksmith still exists and that this art, thanks to technological advances, has renewed itself while staying true to tradition. 


One of the measures of beautiful artistic forging consists in creating a perfect harmony between lines and forms, while respecting exacting proportions. Through the original works presented on this site, Spanish Ornamental marks a new stage in the art of artistic forging and confirms its vocation for superior craftsmanship. To enrich your décor, we have also introduced materials such as brass, glass, acrylic, stainless steel and wood, to the ancestral wrought iron, adding a contemporary touch to this exquisitely timeless art form.​​​​​​​​​​



Our doors are open to architects, designers, decorators and contractors as well as private customers.


 Over the years, our designs have made the pages of such home design magazines as MontrealHome, Maison Montréal,  Chez soi, Décormag et Les idées de ma maison. 


Spanish Ornamental has been crafting iron work and serving the Montreal area since 1966, thereby blending safety, privacy and beauty. 


We welcome contracts from the most modest to the most lavish and make sure that - large or small - each job is done to perfection. No task is too small. Our iron work will harmonize with all custom-designed plans, whether drafted by architects, designers, decorators, contractors or private customers.


All work is done in our shop by our own craftsmen. We deal directly with our customers, no middlemen. Each step of the creative process and installation is rigorously supervised and inspected to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Since 1966


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